10 Decluttering Projects You Can Do in 15 Minutes or Less

Coleman by Trusst Builder Group-04Most people don’t find decluttering a fun process. But, it is a job that needs to be done to keep the space tidy and livable. The good news is that you don’t have to declutter an entire room in one go. When your decluttering is done, and you find you still need more space, call on builders in Brunswick County.

When doing small decluttering projects, you can use the following process:

    • Pull everything out of the space or container that you want to declutter.
    • Clean the space or container while it’s empty.
    • Go through each piece pulled from the space or container. Discard or recycle that which is no longer useful.
    • Put the remaining items back into the space or container.

10 Quick Decluttering Projects

  1. Sock drawer – Every sock should have its match folded with it. When putting socks back into the drawer you can sort by color or function.
  2. Pen cup – Before putting pens back into the cup, test each one to see if it still works.
  3. Food storage containers – Discard or recycle any unmatched lids or containers.
  4. Under the sink – If possible, only store items that you use at the sink in this space.
  5. Condiments – Before putting any bottle or jar back, check the date. Discard anything that has expired. You can group the condiments into categories like sweet or savory if you want.
  6. Utensil jar on stove – Use this jar for utensils you use most days for cooking. The lesser used utensils can live somewhere else.
  7. Shower products – The only products that should be kept in the shower are ones you use regularly. The rest can go under the bath sink.
  8. Laundry supplies – Have some supplies you tried but didn’t like? Give it away or discard it.
  9. Dish towels – Only keep the dish towels that are in good condition. Use the others as cleaning rags.
  10. Magazines and catalogs – Only keep ones that you still haven’t read. If you want to keep an article or two from a magazine, cut it out or check if it’s online.

These projects will only take a few minutes, but they will make a difference in how the space feels and how you can live in it. Keep breaking up your decluttering into smaller pieces and you will get it done in no time. If you need more space, get help from builders in Brunswick County.

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