How to Choose the Best Countertop for Your Home

How to Choose the Best Countertop for Your Home

March 15, 2022

In recent years, kitchen countertops have become the focus of attention in most homes. Investing in the right countertop significantly increases a home’s value. Wilmington NC home builders helps homeowners select the finest countertops during the kitchen remodeling process depending on the homeowner’s design and functionality preferences. The following are a few of the most popular kitchen countertop materials that we have on offer.

Pure White

A pure white countertop finish brings modern and minimalistic originality to any kitchen. These countertops are exclusively available in factory-made materials such as Caesarstone or Corian. The stain-resistant nature of these materials guarantees that the countertop will retain its pure white color for years with minimal maintenance.

In small spaces, the pure white look fitted together with modest white cabinets makes any small space appear bigger. White countertops also act as great visual breaks in spaces with a considerable amount of bold finishes.

Black or Dark

Dark kitchen countertops blend in perfectly with dark floors, dark cabinetry, or any rich finishes. Any space with a good deal of black finishes would greatly benefit from additional natural or artificial light sources to establish a classy and cozy look. Kitchens with clean white cabinets can receive an injection of instant visual drama by supplementing them with black or dark stones.


The natural grandeur of a warm wood countertop significantly improves the character of any polished kitchen. These countertops are especially fashionable for intermediary kitchens that blend contemporary and traditional details. Wood countertops also complement spaces that contain wood cabinets.

Darker woods bring a polished and formal feel to a kitchen, while lighter woods bring a rustic or casual look. Darker woods are especially useful in injecting some gravity into well-lit and breezy spaces.

Gray or Mid-tone

According to Wilmington NC home builders, most people consider kitchen countertops with mid-tone shades a neutral alternative. The concrete look given off by soft gray stone sublimely complements modern architectural spaces.

Soft gray countertops suit homeowners whose kitchen space is often slightly messy but prefer it to maintain a clean look. The neutral nature of this material allows it to easily pair with cabinets of varying colors due to its ability to tie different cabinet finishes together in the same space. Contact us today to learn more about kitchen countertop materials and their various pros and cons.

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